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Deck Cleaning

Deck Cleaning

We can remove mold, mildew, green lichen, surface gray and rot, dirt and grime with our unique non-toxic cleaning process…SAFE for your plants! Cleaning can include deck boards, railings, undercarriage (2nd floor decks), posts walkways, and staircases. Other options include stripping and pre-stain prep.

TREX Decking

TREX Decking

We also offer cleaning for your TREX, composite and vinyl decking!

Composite manufacturers recommend cleaning every year to help keep your deck looking it’s best!

  • Service Solutions Deck Cleaning 20
  • Service Solutions Deck Cleaning 21
  • Service Solutions Deck Cleaning 25
  • Service Solutions Deck Cleaning 69


To find out how one of our cleaning options can put ‘life’ back into your old deck!!

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